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Environmental protection powder coating ushered in the golden period of development

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The annual discharge of waste water, sludge, waste gas, waste residue to the environment pollution can not be overlooked. Especially in the coating production and use of the process of a large number of VOC emissions (organic volatile), has caused the national departments concerned and the public's attention, environmental protection powder coating gradually showed the advantages. A few days ago, China Chemical Industry Association coating professional committee secretary Liu Zexi said that in recent years, the environmental advantages of powder coatings and energy-saving emission reduction increasingly prominent, the industry is facing a rare opportunity for development. Liu Zexi said that "coating industry" 11th five-year development plan, and "coating industry science and technology medium and long term development plan," are clearly proposed to vigorously develop environmentally friendly powder coating. Among them, the "11th Five-Year Plan for the Development of coating industry" puts forward: by 2010, the output of water-based coating, ULTRAVIOLET curing coating, powder coating, solvent-free coating, and high solid powder coating and other environment-friendly coatings should account for 80% of the total coating production, and the content of VOC in all kinds of coatings should be reduced by 50%. It is prohibited to use the toxic and harmful substances stipulated by relevant international conventions (such as TBT, DDT, etc.), and to carry out scientific limits on the harmful substances (such as heavy metals, benzene series, formaldehyde, etc.) in the coating. At the same time comprehensive implementation of paint clean production, safety production and civilized production. According to introducing, "plan of science and technology of coating industry medium and long term development" put forward: next 10 years our country will reduce the proportion in industrial coating of traditional solvent coating greatly, make its place occupy share to drop sharply from current 50% to 5%. After 10 ~ 15 years of grafting and transformation of new technology, the market share of traditional solvent coatings will be reduced to less than 1%. "These plans provide a rare opportunity for the development of environmentally friendly powder coatings. In the future, environmental coatings, including water-based coatings and powder coatings, will gradually replace the traditional solvent coatings and become the leading products in the market.

And powder coating environmental protection, energy saving and economic performance, will continue to be recognized and accepted, and will eventually become the industry, civil, construction and other fields of preferred coating varieties. "Liu zexi said. According to reports, powder coating production process is basically no "three waste" emissions. After nearly 30 years of development, the production technology of powder coatings in China has been very mature. The product yield of powder coating exceeds 95%, and the ultrafine waste powder produced in the production process with a content less than 5% can be reused for production after being recovered through the recovery system, basically achieving zero emission. At the same time, powder coating storage, transportation and marketing links, no solvent coatings inherent fire and environmental hazards, transportation, storage and use of safety. More importantly, there is no pollutant discharge during the coating process (i.e. application) of powder coatings. The primary powder loading rate of powder coating can reach more than 70%, and the oversprayed powder is returned to the powder supply barrel after being recovered by the recovery system, mixed with new powder in a certain proportion and reused, with a comprehensive utilization rate of over 95%. Even the remaining 5% waste powder can be recycled by coating enterprises and handed over to manufacturers for reprocessing before use, truly achieving zero emission of "three wastes". Compared with liquid paints, powder coatings have more obvious advantages. At present, the paint rate of liquid paint is only 30 ~ 50%. This means that 50% ~ 70% of the paint in the painting process can not be applied to the workpiece, and become waste paint slurry or VOC discharged into the environment. VOC is not only harmful to human body, but also has been proved to be one of the main greenhouse gases leading to global warming. Therefore, developed countries began from around 2000 to restrict the development of organic solvent coating including paint, and set strict limits on the VOC emitted by furniture and indoor decoration materials.

As the European Union, the United States, Japan and other developed countries "green barriers" of an imported product, and domestic dense issued a series of environmental policies and regulations, will enable the development of organic solvent, including liquid paint coating is limited by more and more, the proportion of its total in industrial and civil coating will continue to cut, and gradually be set decoration, saving energy, economic and environmental performance in the integration of the powder coating. But Liu Zexi points out at the same time, the lag of relevant standard or lack is restricting the development of our country powder coating industry seriously, this problem must be solved as soon as possible. For the release of the organic solvent coating use, for example, a large number of VOC, developed countries have successively introduced the car coating of VOC emission limits standard ", "standard of architectural coatings in VOC set limit to", "standard of coating of harmful material set limit to" and other laws and regulations and standard, and there is no a emissions of VOC set limit to the national standard in our country, result in organic solvent such as VOC emissions, including paint, coating, still occupy the mainstream position coating industry. According to introducing, take 2008 as an example, our country industry coating output 4.4 million tons, the vast majority is solvent type liquid paint, the whole year has more than 3 million tons of volatile organic solvent emissions to the atmosphere. Liu Zexi paper suggests, countries should restrictions on VOC emissions regulations and standards as soon as possible, to cut the production and use of solvent-based coating, for environmental protection of the promotion of powder coatings and water-borne coatings, to create a good policy environment, boosting powder coatings industry sustained, rapid and healthy development, to ensure that the "11th five-year plan" energy conservation and emissions reduction targets in coating industry and the implementation of the medium and long-term science and technology development planning.

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