Who should I contact to learn more about joining WBC?  wbcboard17@gmail.com

What kind of memberships do you offer?  We offer Family, Single, and Student Athlete memberships.

New Family Membership: $500 plus tax

Returning Family Membership: $625 plus tax

Couples Membership:  $400 plus tax

Single Membership:  $300 plus tax

Student Athlete Memberships:  Swimming:  $250 plus tax

Tennis Athlete Memberships:  $250 plus tax

*A member of the Club may resign at any time but there shall be no refund of the current year’s dues.

When is WBC open? Adult and family social functions take place throughout the year.  The swimming pool and tennis courts are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

What do the children do when they aren’t in swim or tennis lessons?  The club is located on 13 acres.  There is plenty of open space and a lot of friendly kids to play with.  The small pool/playground area is fenced in, so it is easy to keep the little ones safe and busy.  On any given day, children can be found playing lacrosse, hiking in the woods, playing cards, playing hide and seek, kickball, basketball, tennis, baseball, ping pong, or just being kids and playing together.  The possibilities are endless.  Many children participate in weekly organized crafts.  There is also a children’s book club that meets weekly.

What family events does the club host during the season?  Sunday afternoon cookouts, Summer Carnival, Tent Camp Out, Movie Night, Swimming and Tennis Socials are popular with many families.

What family events take place during the fall and winter? Past events have included a Fall Family Scavenger Hunt, Halloween Party and the Family Winter Celebration (horse drawn carriage, visit from Santa, cookie decorating and crafts).

Are there any adult social functions?  WBC traditionally hosts an event early in the season to kick off the summer as well as an adult party during the summer with music and dancing.  The annual meeting in Jan or Feb is also a low key social event.  Adult members are also encouraged to participate as individuals or as a team in the low key WBC Triathlon, tennis nights and tennis tournaments.  Adult Game Night which includes Texas Hold’em Tournaments & Board games and are well attended by members and guests of members.

Are social events extra?  Social events usually involve a $5 to $20 family fee.  Members are encouraged to invite guests to social events.

Can guests use the club? Members are encouraged to invite guests to enjoy the club.  All guests using the pool or tennis courts must be signed in and introduced to the staff.  Guest wristbands may be obtained at the guard office.

How much does it cost to bring a guest to the club? Members must sign swimming and tennis guest in at the guard office.  Member accounts are charged $5 per guest, with a max of $20 per guest family per visit.

Do I have to volunteer?  Willow Bend is a Co-op.  First year members are not required to volunteer.  However, after the first year, members are expected to contribute 6 hours during the spring workdays and help lead one social activity.  Members may choose not to volunteer.  In that case, their accounts will be charged $150 for workdays and $50 for social activity.

How does the billing process work?  New members complete the application and an invoice is sent within a month.  Lesson and team fees are paid in the spring at time of registration.  In December or January, existing members are sent a bill for the upcoming season.  Guest fee bills are sent to members at the end of the season.  Full payment is ideal, but installments can be made.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my bill?  wbcboard17@gmail.com


When is the main pool open?  Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the pool is open on the weekends.  If the weather cooperates, we open after school in late June.  The full schedule kicks in when school lets out and is Monday –Thursday from 12:30 to 8:00pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12:30-8:00pm.  In August, the pool is open from 12:30 to 8:00pm  and Saturday and Sundays 12:30 to 8:00pm. The pool is cleared at 7:45pm, club closing at 8:00pm.  Swim team and lessons are held in the morning.  Tennis lessons and team are held in the morning and into the early afternoon. The schedule may vary slightly.  Check out the website for updates.

When is the small pool open?  The small pool is open Monday-Thursday 10am-8:00pm and Sat & Sunday 12:30-8:00pm.  In August the baby pool opens at 12:30pm.  The pool is cleared at 7:45pm, club closing at 8:00pm.

Is the pool open during swim meets?  The pool is not open during home meets which are held in the evening.  The pool is open during away meets.  The meet schedule is posted on the website.

Can I swim laps during regular pool hours?  The lifeguards are more than happy to place a lane line in the pool for lap swimming.

Is there an early morning adult lap swim?   No, not at this time.

Can my child wear floats in the big pool?  Floats are permitted in the both pools.  Swimmers requiring floats must be closely supervised by an adult. 

Who can use the small pool?  The small pool is designed for preschool and younger children.  Older, more capable swimmers are encouraged to use the big pool.  Parents must supervise their own children in the small pool.

Is swimming extra?  Swimmers pay $75 to join the team or $50 to participate in lessons, with a family maximum of only $150.

How do I register for lessons/team?  Registration forms are available online in the spring.  Payment is expected with registration.

When are swim lessons?  Monday-Thursday beginning June 26 and ending July 27.  Swimmers participate in lessons 4 mornings a week for 5 weeks.

Are private swim lessons available for children and/or adults?  Contact Coach Ryan for more details on private lessons.

Does the swim team host any social or team building events?  Swimmers participate in Fun Fridays, which  have included dry land exercises and fun outside of the pool such as games and a mini triathlon.  The Fun Fridays usually have a theme such as Favorite Cereal, Yogurt Sundaes, Pancake Breakfast and Fruity Friday.  WBC hosts pizza parties after away swim meets and ice cream socials after home meets.

What is the 2017 meet schedule?  Regular meet warm up is at 5pm.  Meets begin at 5:45pm.

June 29thWBC @ Hickory Hill 
 July 6th:  WBC @ Orchard Park Country Club
July 13th:  Brierwood @ WBC
July 20th:   Eagle Ridge @ WBC
July 28thBYE
Monday, July 31st at Brierwood Country Club

Championships warm up at noon.  Meet at 1:05pm.


Are tennis lessons and team extra?  Tennis lessons are available twice a week starting at age 4.  The cost of lessons is based upon age and skill level and range from $50 – $60 per player per season.  Tennis team is offered for players age 8 to 16 for $75 per season.  A discounted rate is offered for a player wishing to participate in both tennis lessons and team.

When are tennis lessons?  Tennis lessons take place twice a week in the morning. Lessons are scheduled by age group, beginning at 8:00am on Mon & Wed or Tues & Thurs.  Official schedule TBA.

When are tennis matches?  Competitive Interclub matches take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:00pm until approximately 3:30pm.

Where are the tennis matches?  Each club hosts an age bracket of the tennis match.  The two age divisions are 10 & under – ages 12-13 division and ages 13-14 and 15-16.   The matches are held at participating clubs such as Wanakah CC, Brierwood, Hickory Hill, Eagle Ridge, Willow Bend, and Orchard Park CC.

Are adult tennis lessons available?  Private lessons and adult clinics are available with the club professional, Coach Joe Tretter, PTR Certified.  Currently, WBC offers an adult clinic Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm.  There is also a women’s interclub league held on Tuesday nights with participating clubs.  A drop-in men’s league also meets Monday nights at 7:00pm at WBC.  Please speak to Marie Hennessey about these opportunities!

Does the tennis team host any social or team building events?  The tennis team offers various Family Tennis socials, the Red and Black Tennis Match, and the annual Awards Banquet.

Are there adult tennis nights? The men play tennis at 7pm on Monday nights.  All interested players regardless of skill or experience are encouraged to join in the fun.  Men’s Night will start June 2 and ends on Labor Day.  Contact Patrick Reagan:  pnreagan@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Are there any adult tennis tournaments? The men usually play tournaments on Memorial Day weekend, July 4th weekend, and Labor Day weekend.

Do WBC members have access to the tennis courts in the winter?  WBC membership does not include use of the tennis courts in the winter.  Contact Hamburg Racquet Club if you would like more information about playing tennis in the winter.

When are the tennis courts open?  The courts are always available to current club members, except during Tennis Team matches and lessons.

How do I turn on the lights at the courts?   Lights for the asphalt courts are located on the utility pole near the courts.  Please respect the neighbors and turn off lights after use.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?  Members are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks and enjoy a meal at the club.  Glass is not allowed in the pool areas.

Can I use the kitchen to make a meal or store food?  The kitchen in the clubhouse is fully equipped with a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer.  Feel free to use the kitchen.  We just ask that you clean up after yourself.

Can I use the grills in the picnic area?  The grills are available for use throughout the season.  The propane tanks will be full.  Charcoal grills are also available in the grove area.  Charcoal may or may not be available.  Check under the sink in the grove.  Please clean up when you are done.

Is there food for sale at the club?  No, we do not sell food.  Members are welcome to bring their own food.  Several gas grills are available in the pool area as well as charcoal grills in the grove area


Can I host a party at the pool? Members are welcome to host parties at Willow Bend.  Please contact wbcboard17@gmail.com  Please also notify Club Manager at 649-7168 in advance in order to ensure the club is properly staffed and prepared for your gathering.  Cost is $5/guest or $100 maximum for families hosting the party, giving guests access to the pool & tennis courts during the party.

Is the clubhouse available for rentals?  The clubhouse is available for rentals.  The cost is $150 and includes the use of the kitchen, clubhouse, tables, chairs, bar area, and restrooms.  There is room to seat approximately 80 guests in the clubhouse.

Who should I contact to rent the clubhouse or reserve the grove?  wbcboard17@gmail.com

Can I use the grove?  wbcboard17@gmail.com.

WBC Merchandise

Does my child have to wear a team uniform?  WBC team colors are red, white, and black.  If swimmers choose to wear a cap, it needs to be the red WBC cap.  Swimmers also wear red and black suits.  Tennis team players wear any combination of red, black, and white on their shorts and skirts. A team uniform is available at an additional cost.

Are parents expected to wear team colors at tennis matches and swim meets?  Parents are encouraged to show their WBC pride and dress in red/black/white.

Who should I contact to purchase WBC gear?  Swim caps are available in the guard office and you will receive info via email regarding WBC gear.  Contact Kelly Jones.


Who should I contact if I want to be a part of the Board?

Club President, Bob Wagner wagnerbobby9@gmail.com

Who should I contact if I want to volunteer to help with tennis events?


Who should I contact if I want to volunteer to help during swim events?


Who should I contact if I want to volunteer to help plan social events?


Who should I contact with questions about membership?


Who should I contact if I have ideas for fundraising or promoting WBC?


Who should I contact if I have concerns?

Club President, Bob Wagner

Club Manager, 649-7168

Who should I contact if I have some great suggestions for improving WBC? Any board member currently volunteering in that particular area or Club President, Bob Wagner wagnerbobby9@gmail.com

Club Manager, 649-7168

*A member of the Club may resign at any time but there shall be no refund of the current year’s dues.